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Our Story

SEK-Gaming startet as Squad Einsatz Kommando in 2013 as small group of Battlefield 3 Players. Many people start joining SEK-Gaming fast as they did well in fights with high Kill/Death ratio.
When Battlefield 4 came out the most people switched to it. At some moment there were up to 2 fully teams on 2 own SEK Servers.
Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 1 let people left the Battlefield 4 Squad so some people played 4 some other 1 and some Hardline. So we decided to stop the Battlefield project because of missing members.

For now we represent 3 Teams in 3 different games. The games are Counterstrike Global Offensive, Playerunknowns Battleground and Overwatch. If you want to join one of our teams talk to one of our teamleader on teamspeak.
If you think there is a game missing we should represent dont be shy and talk to us too. To open a new team you need 4 or more teammember so we can be sure it will last long enough.

So if you are a friendly gamer need some cool and funny mates come and join SEK-Gaming.

  • Clan Leader Kevin [Ascor]
  • Co-Clan Leader Aljoscha [Armyx93]
  • Lead Webdesigner Magnus [Knoedelgesicht]
  • Co-Webdesigner Aljoscha [Armyx93]
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