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Hi there folks,

I’m Knoedelgesicht I’m the leader and founder of the Overwatch SEK-Gaming Team. I’m currently 22 years old and started playing Overwatch in april this year. I know thats not a long time. That’s why I have teammembers around me with a lot more knowledge and playtime in OW. I started playing tracer very often but got pushed into the tank role because there was a missing tank in game. Soon I liked the role tank and began to play it more often. For now I have 3 main tanks with Winston, Roadhog and D.VA but I also like to play Mei. Tracer, Winston and Mei are my favourite characters by far in the whole game. They are awesome chars! Always in a good mood (I know if you steal winston his peanutbutter or his glasses get broke he’s gonna rage you) character design went awesome. I like the bit chubbiness of Mei, women dont have to be slim all the time I like it curvy like Mei.

So I’m the leader of this Team here on page and for all the organize stuff but for training lead we got another member which we will introduce to you next time!


Have fun and dont get in Primal Rage 😉 if somebody steals your peanutbutter xD

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