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Heya I am Joel M. aka Mindless I’m probably the youngest member and the training leader of the SEK-GAMING OW team at the age of 15 years. I started playing Overwatch in April 2017 on Playstation 4. I bought myself a computer and started playing there in january 2018. The start on PC was a bit different but meanwhile I guess I do well. I practice all the time with a lot of motivation for and with the team.
When I started playing the OW I was playing mercy a lot cause… well she is quite good to start off I think but after a while playing the game I noticed that I’m a bit more confident on Mccree so I started playing as the DD Role. At the moment I change between Soldier76 and Mccree.
I got trust in my team members and I wont flame my heal for me beeing Bad well.
Thats me I Cya

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